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Rocket Ship Explorer

A simple rocket game I made using React Native and Matter JS for both iOS and Android. Currently available to download on the app store for free. You can read more about it here.

A fun side project I created using React. Real data football stats data is retrieved from an API and allows you to play with this data in AG Grid.


A website I created for my local mosque for people to see upcoming events, daily prayer times, contact the mosque, make donations etc.

A website created for a local children's football academy. This website allows parents to see information on the academy as well as sign their kids up for training.


An app I created using React Native to view football scores, lineups, events etc. for football matches across the world.

A website created for fans of Arsenal football club. Sign up is via invite only. A few friends and I use this site to predict Arsenal results. Whoever has the most correct predictions at the end of the season is a winner. Built within a day using React and Firebase.


I'm a lead software developer currently working at AG Grid in London.

Technologies I'm currently focused on include Salesforce, .NET Core, Angular, SQL, React and Azure.

Other than that, in my spare time I watch the Arsenal at the Emirates, work on side projects or watch sports. Oh, and I'm also a part-time body builder.

You can contact me at


About Viqas Hussain

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